about me


This has been my journey…
After being a fitness instructor, I had a long career as a corporate graphic designer. All the while, there was something brewing inside that I can only describe as a ‘calling’. I felt drawn to study ‘Archetypes’, ‘Chakras’, and then ‘Holistic Counselling’. This completely changed my life. It was extremely difficult to transform myself into a healing vessel for others. It turned everything upside down, but in the end, it equipped me with the skills and qualifications I needed.

I now have the honour of helping people become self-educated, self-empowered, and self-loving.

My qualifications are as follows…
Certificate and Advanced Diploma Subjects – Holistic Counselling
Certificate Communication Skills
Certificate Intuitive Consultant – Archetype Specialist
ACHPER Fitness Leader – Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer
Graphic Designer and Web Designer

My podcast is all about sharing the amazing subjects I studied that totally changed my life…

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