about me


This has been my journey…
I had a corporate career in Graphic Design and yet I didn’t feel ‘fulfilled’. There was something brewing inside that I can only describe as a ‘calling’. I felt drawn to study ‘Holistic Counselling‘ and this completely transformed me and changed my life. It was extremely difficult and it turned everything upside down but in the end, it equipped me with the skills and qualifications I needed to be able to help myself and others with life’s struggles and challenges.

I now have the honour of helping people become fully empowered, confident, and successful.

My qualifications are as follows…
Certificate and Advanced Diploma Subjects – Holistic Counselling
Certificate Communication Skills
Certificate Intuitive Consultant – Archetype Specialist
ACHPER Fitness Leader – Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer
Graphic Designer and Web Designer

My podcast is all about sharing the amazing subjects I studied that totally changed my life…

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