I am now Holifesting – part one

This episode is all about how to ‘Holifest’ (holistically manifest) into your life everything that you ever wanted and desired. Four years ago, I wrote a book that was designed to remind me how to create the life I wanted and deserved. I looked at the history relating to the ‘law of attraction’ and found a book written in 1907 that laid the foundation to my little recipe for success. Let’s begin ‘holifesting’ for you!

Episode #31 – I am now holifesting – part one

I am building my resilience

This episode is all about how we can cultivate and enhance our ‘resilience’. According to studies in positive psychology, resilience is naturally increased in children who were raised by ‘authoritative’ parents. We look at four parenting ‘styles’ and how we can meet all of our needs with the goal of evolving into the glorious stage of ‘self-actualisation’ as described in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
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Episode #30 – I am building my resilience

Dancing with my shadow

This episode is all about excavating the gold that is tucked away in the ‘shadow’ of your psyche so that you can ‘transform’ it into a helpful and enlightening analysis of your psychological structure. When you embrace the parts of yourself that have been rejected and cast aside, you strengthen your authenticity and individuality in ways that empower you beyond belief.

Podcast #29 – Dancing with my shadow

Speaking truth with Chrissy Helmer

Chrissy is a ‘truther’ and the most delightful human who knows exactly what is going on in this crazy world. Listen in for the most informative, motivational conversation between two women who are willing to put our full selves into saving our precious ‘freedoms’.

Podcast #28 – Speaking truth with Chrissy Helmer

My sign of the times

This amazing Universe has a path mapped out just for you. All you need to do is follow the ‘signs’ and learn how to read the language the Universe uses to communicate and guide you on your way.

Podcast #27 – My sign of the times

My life has meaning

Today’s episode will help you to connect with ‘inspiration’ and find your own personal meaning and purpose in life. You will discover how to increase your wellbeing using five building blocks that will take you from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’.

Podcast #14 – My life has meaning

I am embracing my fear

Today’s episode is going to help you to determine whether or not your fears are ‘rational’ or ‘irrational’. Fear cannot be ‘eliminated’ however it can be ‘managed’. I will teach you a five step process to master your fears and build more courage.

Podcast #13 – I am embracing my fear

I am no longer judging

Today’s episode is going to cover three main reasons why we judge others and how to consciously ‘discern’ rather than ‘judge’… There has never been a more truthful statement than ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ and I learnt this the hard way… I’ll share this with you right now…

Podcast #12 – I am no longer judging

I will not procrastinate

Today’s episode will teach you how to recognise and avoid procrastinating. Procrastination is at the core of everyone – we all do it and it has a negative impact on your performance. Procrastinating causes you to stress, worry, and feel guilty… I am going to help you become productive instead.

Podcast #11 – I will not procrastinate

I am becoming empowered

Today’s episode is going to see you tap into your own personal power as we walk through your talents, abilities, and potential influence… You don’t need followers on Instagram to be an ‘influencer’… I am going to give you five great steps to lead you into ‘empowerment’.

Podcast #10 – I am becoming empowered

I am the creator of my life

Today’s episode is all about how you create your life using your imagination, your beliefs, and your beautiful fun-loving, innocent, spontaneous inner-child archetype. Your inner-child influences the creation of your life and ‘adulthood’ has changed all of that.

Podcast #4 – I am the creator of my life

I put myself first because I matter

Podcast #3 – I put myself first because I matter

Today’s episode is all about putting yourself first so that you are better equipped to look after the people you love and care about. Self care is not selfish… it’s necessary. Let’s examine your self nurturing skills and meet the ‘shadow’ side of your psyche. Do other people’s needs override your needs?