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I can help you

Nobody comes into this world knowing all there is to know. Life is a journey that can often feel like a roller-coaster. Challenges come hard and fast and it may seem impossible to find the answers.

My sharpest learning curve presented when I studied Holistic Counselling. I had to work intensively on my communication skills and self-development. With the education and tools I gained, I am now qualified to help you on your path to transforming your fears and self-doubt into personal success and fulfillment.

My end goal is to empower you in your life so that you can access your inner ‘Angel in the Attic’ rather than being run by your ‘Bitch or Bastard in the Basement’. (These are your psychological archetypal characteristics that require further explanation – Be sure to listen to my podcasts.)

My main offering is through my podcasts however I also conduct a few one-on-one sessions per week.

I can be reached at or 0417 287 428

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