my help


Do you find yourself struggling with fears, doubts, or lack of confidence?
I believe that you hold your own power to heal yet accessing this sometimes requires the support of somebody you can trust and confide in. I can provide a ‘safe’ space for you to share and ultimately move through your difficulties and into your own self-empowerment.

Call me on 0417 287 428 for a brief chat about what’s going on for you or flick me an email describing your current situation –

2 thoughts on “my help

  • I am struggling with my self confidence as a result of the COVID situation and a threat of eviction by a landlord.

    I have just started a new business livestreaming weddings and concerts and events and need time to get established, but I feel very threatened by the government and uncertainty over my place of living .

    Can you help me? I feel I am in a very dark place right now.

    • You are not alone. So many people feel uncertain. Reach out to support groups on Facebook. There are many! Look after your health and you can message me for a phone session if you need further support.

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