‘Christmas is a real trigger for people’

Success coach Noni Boon, who helps people deal with grief, told Yahoo News Australia hardship at Christmas time could include anything from a person close to you dying, to losing a job or suffering a relationship breakdown.

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I had no idea that ‘every significant change’ in life is a ‘grief’ experience – until I studied holistic counselling… I always wondered why I ‘laughed’ and ‘cried’ on my wedding night and why all the joys in my life also brought some sadness… Last week I had a chat with Jo Abi from 9Honey about ‘grief’… something we all go through every day… whether it’s changing jobs, moving house, starting a business, ending a relationship, having a baby, or even getting married…

I loved every second of my conversation with Pete Evans… the feedback from this podcast was extremely encouraging and very humbling…