Success and Abundance

pic_twoThe more I venture through this life, I discover and master the rules and laws that regulate manifestation. The one I have struggled with most is ‘surrender’. Having the athlete archetype as part of my make up, I know about the importance of effort. Lately though, I have found myself misinterpreting effort as the need to control. How do I put effort into something and not control it? When I put effort into running, I control my muscles and my mind; my brain tells my legs to put one foot in front of the other. One thing I don’t have to control is my breathing. This happens involuntarily. I associate my breath with life; it feeds into the chi that flows through me. The same is true for other projects or endeavours. There is a part I can control and a part that happens all by itself, an involuntary part that takes care of itself and breathes life into my effort.

The endeavours I have reaped the most success from are the ones I have put the required amount of effort into, without faltering, and then stepped back and allowed the universe to do its part. If I continue to hang on and form some neediness around the outcome, it all falls into a stagnant void. Nothing happens and then I find myself feeling anxious. Once the effort part is done, I now surrender it over and trust that it will all unfold. While time passes, I focus my attention on the next thing, knowing that all is well. It is when I have truly disconnected from all expectation and yearning that a perfect result shows up. It is solely through the surrender that the success and abundance flows in. The surrender opens up a channel for the universe to act. The universe does not seem to respond to demands or begging. The universe appears to need space to act. Neediness and pressing repels the forces of manifestation. It creates a block that puts the outcome on hold.

All abundances comes through when I bring my mind into present time and simply flow with gratitude. When I am happy with what I have in my life and require nothing else to ‘make’ me happy, that is when I am showered with abundance. If I am constantly checking my emails, waiting for a response or an answer, it stubbornly refuses to show up. The longer it takes to show up, the more anxious I become until finally, I surrender. I get to that place where the controlling exhausts me and I snap back into the knowing that it really doesn’t matter. I don’t really ‘need’ it. I am the same person with or without it. It does not define me and it is not going to be the deciding factor in whether or not my life is ok. This is the best place to be. This is the place where things really start to shift and fire up. Emails come in, the phone rings and all flow is restored. From now on, I am letting go before I even take hold. Working with and not against the universe and its God is the surest path to success and abundance.

6 thoughts on “Success and Abundance

  • Yes be “Passionately disconnected” as my great friend Jonathon Aslay always says we can life in the flow, release expectations and control and allow the Universe to bring us our abundance! Great article ❤

  • Noni, Thank you for the reminder of letting go and flow of the universe. I am such a worker and doer that I forget to plant my seeds then let go and the universe will provide. I use the analogy: It is like Cinderella, the women of the village tried to cram their foot into the glass slipper to marry Prince Charming, well when we begin to force or cram things, this is where we create more stress and anxiety into our lives!


  • Noni,

    Every time i read your posts, they get better and better. They really allow me to reflect of what I’m doing in my life and how I can improve it.

    I love your statement:

    “The endeavors I have reaped the most success from are the ones I have put the required amount of effort into, without faltering, and then stepped back and allowed the universe to do its part.”

    It reminds me that it’s okay to let go and let the universe take over.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

    • Thank you Stacie for the support and endorsement. I am constantly learning and life gives me the opportunity to put into practice what I know but haven’t really mastered yet. Letting go has been one of those things and now I really get it. I liked what Kim said about Cinderella and the glass slipper. You can’t cram and push to make something happen. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. (Also… I don’t want to be the ugly step sister – not cool!). xx

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