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Do you feel the need to control everything and everyone in your life? Do you move forward full of fear and apprehension? Do you hear yourself asking – What if I get hurt? What if I don’t make it? What if I fail? Do you spend time questioning, doubting, and anticipating the worst? If you do, you are not alone. It is human nature to fear the ‘unknown’. Unless of course, you have a ‘higher power’ or a ‘divine manager’ who takes over when the going gets tough.

MY ADVICE – Develop a ‘stronger’ sense of ‘connection’ with the Universe…

People are fantastic at having faith after the fact. Once everything is ok. When they can finally ‘see’ the results or after they arrive at an outcome. This is not having faith. This is requiring proof first and then having faith second.


Here is an analogy for you…
You desperately need a vino with your bestie. You’ve picked your alehouse and you know the directions you will take to get there. Anything can happen along the way but you don’t think about that. You simply chuck on some heels and head out expecting to arrive in ‘X’ amount of time.

As you travel along familiar or unfamiliar streets, you have ‘faith’ in knowing that you will arrive at your destination. You can’t ‘see’ your destination however you have ‘faith’ that you are heading there. You might be following a map or listening to your GPS system. This is what ‘faith’ looks like.

The next time you experience a problem to deal with or an unexpected obstacle, try sending out a ‘thought’ for a ‘higher power’ to take over. Surrender it and see what happens. Every time I do this, something fabulous occurs. The Universe does some amazing shit and everything seems to just ‘work out’. Half the time I haven’t got the slightest clue what even happened.

Having faith and surrendering a situation, person, event, or conflict, allows for miracles to take place and the eventual outcome is always far better than that which you could ‘control’ yourself. This is particularly helpful for situations you can’t find your own solution to. Or one of those damned if I do and damned if I don’t scenarios. When you just don’t know which way to turn, simply say, “Universe, take over, I’m getting the fuck outta here!” You’ll be surprised how good it feels and how amazing the conclusions will be.

Try it. It really works… But only if you have ‘faith’.

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