life is a journey… not a destination


Everybody wants to reach a particular destination, but all the joy occurs while you’re journeying toward it…

Have you ever found yourself saying… “I’ll be happy when…?”

Every attainable item, every achievement, and every accomplishment eventually loses its gloss. Once you acquire it, the challenge no longer exists. What gives your life meaning is actually having challenges, hopes, and dreams. Without this driving focus, life can become hollow and meaningless.

My advice is this...

Enjoy the journey for what it is. The journey provides the mystery, the intrigue, and the excitement. Once you reach the destination, the feeling of achievement is fabulous. You will breathe a sigh of relief and feel a great sense of accomplishment wash over you but then your ego mind will undoubtedly move on to the next thing. Your ego is never satisfied. Your ego does not care to park itself and take in the view. Your ego is busy, relentless, and insatiably ‘hungry’.

It takes your ‘conscious’ mind and a commitment to ‘consciousness’ to be able to control your ego and keep your focus on the ‘immediate’ moment. Don’t rush your life. Don’t focus entirely on the next destination. Challenge yourself to be 100% present for the journey. Reward yourself for every little step you take toward your goals and end result. If you don’t enjoy the journey, the destination will soon become meaningless.

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