my husband called me a ‘B’ grader


I remember the day when my son asked my husband and I for some relationship advice. We were perched up in bed drinking our morning coffee when he came into our room and asked, “How important is physical attraction in a relationship?” My husband replied “Mate, you are better off going for a ‘B grader’… like… (pointing hesitantly in my direction) rather than aiming for a ‘high maintenance princess’ who can’t eat this, won’t touch that, and wouldn’t dare get her hands dirty or have the capacity to ram a shovel into the earth and pull off a hard day’s work.”

Perhaps in that moment I should have been offended but I wasn’t. Being called a ‘B grader’ was actually a kind of compliment. What my husband meant was that I am down to earth; and not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. I know that I was not born to be a princess. I am a physically strong woman with a free thinking mind. I am not prissy and I can’t bear women who play the ‘damsel in distress’. I am happy being a B grader however I make sure that I am a bloody good B grader. In fact ‘B’ grader should stand for ‘Best I can ‘B’ grader’…

Being ‘exceptionally average’ means making the most of the assets you possess. No matter how ‘average’ you are… you have something uniquely beautiful and exquisite about you. It may be your smile, your sparkling eyes, your shapely legs, or the colour of your skin. Whatever it is that you ‘like’ about yourself… do your best to enhance it and flaunt it. Once you have nailed the physical aspect of being exceptionally average, it is time to work on the internal aspect. This is all about your ‘attitude’. Firstly, you need to ‘believe’ that you are exceptionally, beautifully – ‘B+’…

Before you can ‘conceive it’, you have to ‘believe it’. It all starts with your thinking… Think ‘Bloody Beautiful B+’

2 thoughts on “my husband called me a ‘B’ grader

  • Beautiful testimonial of what life really is about. I so agree with your husband Noni and with you of course. However, I know you a bit and I met you….and from your look to your generosity, your loving attitude, your patience, your devotion to so many people around you….you get a A++ from me!

    • Oh Christine Marmoy. I love how you rate me. I’ll run with A++ on attitude. You have the same qualities and then some. Sending you all my love from down under. xoxoxoxxo

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