what even is life? and how is it supposed to feel?

blog_sixWhen I meditated on this question, here’s the answer that showed up. ‘Life is the full expression of energy. Life gives form to all particles in existence. There is no good or bad, there just is. Mortal life can be destroyed whereas soul life is eternal and indestructible. Because you are mortal, you have judgement about life. You look around and determine what is good and what is bad’. That makes sense but if you watch the evening news, chances are you will find a lot that you consider ‘bad’. How do you get back to feeling good and coming to peace with this earth existence? Surely there is some powerful force out there judging this whole charade and desperately hoping that well all get our act together. If there is a God, then why does all this bad stuff happen? Doesn’t God judge us and grade us according to how we live our life? Thinking about all of this is enough to drive you crazy. Perhaps if you can come to terms with the next paragraph, you might find a deeper meaning in this whole thing called ‘life’.

Life has no judgement. Energy fills matter, regardless of whether it is perceived to be good or bad, and life evolves through the process. Human beings, guided and directed by ego energy determine what happens in life. The ego is wilful and like a small child constantly calls for attention. Humans gradually become awake to this as they feel the frustration of not being able to meet the ego’s needs. They eventually ‘discipline’ the ego with soul guidance and perseverance. The ego quietens and becomes calm as the human aligns more with love and divinity. Your soul is always calling you, beckoning you to connect. Being disconnected from your soul is like depriving your human body of oxygen. The soul gasps for connection. Without connection, the human body experiences illness and eventually mortal death. The purpose of life is to express your soul through your human form while quietening your ego and connecting with love. The more you connect with love, the more your world, your existence, attunes with freedom and enthusiasm.

So that’s it. Connect with your soul and express it through you with love rather than giving your ego all of your attention; stop judging life, and quieten the ego. Simple? Not really but in my next blog, I’ll share a few tips.

Noni Boon

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