come for a run with me

blog_sevenMy morning run out to my bush rock is always a bit of a ‘think tank’. I run through all the crap in my mind and then decide to leave it all behind and concentrate on my breathing and the air on my face. When I reach this place of ‘surrender’, that’s when the good stuff happens.

I was reflecting on the fact that every fairy tale ever told has an end to ‘innocence’. There is always a point where the hero or heroine realises, as Angelina Jolie portraying Maleficent in her latest movie put it so well, ‘there is evil in this world’.

There it is, the end of innocence. At some point along the way, everybody learns that the world has two components – good and evil. More importantly, you have both good and evil within you, as does everybody else with an ego. The question is ‘Which tiger do you feed?’ The evil tiger in your mind or the good tiger in your heart? My answer has always been this…

Feed both! A hungry animal is an aggressive animal. Feed it by acknowledging it, being aware of it, and giving it the necessary attention it needs to be valued. Then, indulge your good tiger and feed it well. A full heart is a loving heart. A happy heart does good in this world and crushes evil with the ability to express light and purity.

Yes it’s true. All of this goes through my mind as my feet pound the track and I allow myself to be human. Feed your tigers today – both of them.

Noni Boon

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